2017 NAOSMM Manager of the Year

Charlene Fuller - University of Connecticut

Supervisor Letter                 MOY Criteria

Every year at the National Conference, NAOSMM recognizes members of our organization with several types of awards and grants. Beginning in 1983, NAOSMM has recognized members that have outstanding accomplishments. This award, Outstanding Scientific Materials Manager of the Year, is presented at each conference to a member, or occasionally more than one member, who has been nominated by her/his supervisor. 

Many of you are aware that each year NAOSMM honors one of its members as the Outstanding Scientific Materials Manager of the Year. Historically, nominations have been made by other NAOSMM members. For most of us, the people who are best able to assess our worthiness to be nominated are the supervisors and co-workers "back home."

With this in mind, the Board and the Awards committee would like to offer a letter that you can present to your supervisor or other person you designate. We ask you determine the best manner to do this. The Awards Committee suggests the following approaches:

  1. For those who like to take the direct approach - show this letter to your supervisor and ask him/her to consider nominating you if he/she feels you merit nomination.
  2. For those who prefer a more subtle approach - place the Newsline with this information or the letter itself in your supervisor's mailbox.
  3. For those who prefer complete anonymity - provide the NAOSMM secretary with the name and address of your supervisor and she will mail a copy of the letter.

Many of us find it hard to "toot our own horns" - but maybe your supervisor or fellow employee is waiting for an opportunity to do it for you!

Supervisor Letter            MOY Criteria