NAOSMM Safety - Training


This training page has the goal of providing information on the many vast areas of laboratory safety training to the NAOSMM membership. The information presented is be for getting trained as well as training others. The offerings may include outlines, requirements, and complete presentations. This specific page can only be as good as what the membership puts into it. Therefore, you are encouraged to contribute!

Active Shooter Training Video - Unarmed response to an in-school active-shooter event, from the Indiana State Police Information Channel

Dow Lab Safety Academy offers many lab safety modules and resources to enhance awareness of safety practices in academic research laboratories and to promote a safety mindset in the future workforce of the chemical community.

Free webinars:  Top Tips for Chemical Safety offered by SelectScience.  Register here.

Georgia's State Board of Regents has a new RTK (Right to Know) training module that includes the new GHS specific requirements.

Yale University has many training links on their Environmental Health & Safety website.

Lab Safety Workspace offers courses with certificates to help ensure Lab Safety for Scientists.

Lab Manager Academy Webinar Series offers many free webinars throughout the year. These online courses could qualify for credit towards CSMM certification. In addition to the current offerings, you will be able to watch past webinars. Follow the previous link, go to the bottom of the page, select and watch the recorded webcasts. These are posted about a week after the webinars. Past webinars include:
* Negotiation Boot Camp®: Protect yourself in our challenging economy by making sure that you learn the 10 essential skills of successful negotiators
* Making Time Work For You
* Digital Manners: e-Mail etiquette to get the best results in YOUR lab
* How to Motivate Employees in Today's Lab

Grainger offers Quick Tips Technical Resources and On the Job Safety Webinars.

The Labs Team at EPA's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) offers webcast training on the Academic Laboratories Rule for Hazardous Waste (Subpart K) that is available for viewing on their website

Interactive Public Health Instruction - CDC Learning Connection offers amazing e-learning products at no cost. Among the options is bioterror risk training.

School Laboratory Safety Courses - Flinn Scientific, Inc. offers free online lab safety courses. Created primarily for middle and high school science teachers, these videos have very useful information for NAOSMM members.

DOT: A Guide to Developing a Hazardous Materials Training Program